Find out more: the MFA in Graphic Design

At VCFA, our Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design is designed to tackle the shifting landscape of a world in the midst of extraordinary changes.

Our accredited, two-year master's program is delivered in a unique low-residency format that is well-suited for a wide range of practitioners within the field, particularly those whose professional and personal lives can't be put on hold during the course of graduate study.

Studying design in a low-residency context is of-the-moment learning- where solitary, critical practice, and global connectedness merge. The MFA in Graphic Design is one of our six nationally recognized graduate programs designed to develop artistic excellence through the unique, low-residency model. As design student, you will: 

  • Begin each semester with a weeklong residency on its historic Montpelier, Vermont campus
  • Spend a vibrant week immersed in lectures, workshops, critiques, exhibitions, small group meetings and individual faculty mentoring
  • Work independently, with the close support of a faculty mentor, during the ensuing six-month semester
  • Seek out your own path, and along that path, extend beyond the merely comfortable into the realm of creative exploration and successful design. 

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MFA in Graphic Design Brochure