Postgraduate and Interdisciplinary Opportunities in Film Now Available

In addition to the two-year program, the MFA in Film at Vermont College of Fine Arts is now offering a semester of postgraduate study for screenwriters and filmmakers, and interdisciplinary study for current students in the MFA programs at VCFA.

Postgraduate semesters, conferences, and retreats at Vermont College of Fine Arts address the unique needs of writers, designers, visual artists, filmmakers & screenwrtiers, and composers seeking to expand their creative practice.

The same student-centered pedagogy that is at the core of the pioneering MFA programs infuses the postgraduate and non-degree opportunities through the MFA in Film, offering unforgettable experiences that push writers and artists into new, creative territories. Visual artists, filmmakers & screenwriters, and composers follow an individualized program to invigorate and expand a substantial research project and/or body of artwork.

For postgraduate study, applicants must have earned a graduate degree in film or a related field and be able to present a body of work to the Admissions Committee. Learning is project-based and focused on refining creative choices and exploring innovative story and form.

For interdisciplinary study, students from Visual Art, Graphic Design, Music Composition, Writing programs, and Writing for Children & Young Adults are encouraged to consider how the film form can be used to add dimension to their creative expression. Through this Film program option, non-majors can work on projects under the tutelage of the MFA in Film faculty for one semester; then take that learning back to their degree program.

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