Film alumnus Kenneth Raimondi is named a JCI TOYA award winner

MFA in Film alumnus Kenneth Raimondi (’15) was recently named a Top Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) winner from JCI—a nonprofit organization of young citizens engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities. 


Kenneth earned the award through his film HER UNLIKELY KIN, which was the thesis film he worked on while at VCFA. Kenneth’s sister, an active member of JCI, took his film to the organization’s national meeting and held a private viewing for some of the members. 

“They loved HER UNLIKELY KIN and started asking questions about the film and myself. She told them my story: my military service, illness, bone marrow transplant, my experience at VCFA, and why I made that particular film. They asked her to nominate me,” Kenneth said. 

HER UNLIKELY KIN, which is about a war veteran struggling with PTSD who discovers he’s a bone marrow match for a young girl, is based partly on Kenneth’s life experience. You can learn more about the film here.

Kenneth and his fellow TOYA winners will receive their awards on Saturday, September 23 in St. Louis. 

“This is a very exciting opportunity and quite the humbling experience for sure. And it wouldn't have happened without VCFA,” he says. 

HER UNLIKELY KIN will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play soon. Follow for specific release dates.