How will this change affect my employment? Am I at risk of losing my job?

VCFA staff will always be a critical part of the VCFA community, and their dedication and service have helped make VCFA what it is today. This change will impact a limited number of staff in time, and we have reached out to department heads whose staff will be impacted in FY24. We are committed to working with each one of these staff members to create transition plans to navigate these changes in the best way possible. Most of all, we value, appreciate, and thank our staff for their commitment to helping Vermont College of Fine Arts follow and fulfill our mission.

Will this change affect my compensation? Does VCFA plan to invest greater resources in staff benefits?

There will be no immediate changes to employee compensation. However, the goal of this plan is to reinvest more of our resources into people and away from physical assets and infrastructure.

Will I be required to move to Colorado or Pennsylvania? Where will VCFA staff offices be?

VCFA staff will not be required to move. As we have seen firsthand during the pandemic, VCFA’s institutional values thrive regardless of physical location, and administrative staff will continue to work both from College Hall and remotely.

Will I be required to travel to Colorado or Pennsylvania for residencies?

Some staff members will be required to travel for the summer and winter residencies. VCFA will cover travel expenses to the new campus locations and will provide lodging and meals to staff for the duration of the residency.

How does VCFA plan to address community concerns regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC students, faculty, staff, and alumnx in Colorado Springs?

A significant factor in our decision to pursue an agreement with Colorado College was their long standing commitment to anti-racism and shared values concerning diversity and inclusion.

At present, VCFA leadership is in communication with leadership at Colorado College so you can hear directly from them about CC faculty, student, and staff experiences in the surrounding Colorado Springs community, and also how we can best connect students, faculty, staff, and alumnx to the appropriate resources needed to facilitate building a sense of community belonging while in Colorado Springs. We will provide further updates as we receive additional  information and resources.

Will staff be involved in preparing for this change? If so, how?

Staff will be integral to facilitating this change. The VCFA leadership team will be providing more information to staff on how we will prepare for this upcoming transition together in the coming weeks.