How will this change affect the quality of my education from VCFA?

The importance of an arts education has never been more pressing.  This change provides VCFA the opportunity to invest our resources in our programs and community, rather than in maintaining an underutilized physical asset.

This reimagining of program residencies presents opportunities for students to deepen their ties to VCFA as a whole and engage across programs.

How will this change affect my remaining time at VCFA?

The remaining 2022 academic calendar and residency schedules will continue as planned until the spring of 2023. All programs will shift to a new college-wide academic calendar when programs gather in summer 2023 for residencies hosted at Colorado College. The following winter 2024 residencies will be held remotely.

View the new Academic Calendar and residency schedule below.

Additional details on this transition for each program community will be communicated directly through each program office.

My program is currently on a October/April residency schedule—how will this transition work?

For students in the MFA in Graphic Design and MFA in Film programs:

At the end of the fall semester, in April 2023, Graphic Design and Film students will be taking a two-month pause after completing their semester before attending the summer 2023 residency at Colorado College. During that pause, VCFA will offer optional program content to keep students engaged in their study and practice. Details on this transition will be communicated directly through each program office.

What will happen during the winter residencies?

Winter residencies for the 2022–2023 year will take place on VCFA’s Montpelier campus as previously scheduled. Beginning in winter 2024, VCFA’s winter residencies will be held on the campus of Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA.

What impact will this change have on graduations?

The new college-wide academic calendar will allow VCFA to support individual program graduation events and traditions and, in addition, to host a full community commencement ceremony and conferral of degrees honoring program graduates across disciplines. Graduations will be held during residencies on the Colorado College campus in summer and on the Susquehanna University campus in winter.

What impact will this change have on library services?

Library services and staff will remain in place. Interlibrary loan services, residency instructional and support services, and other library services will continue. Beginning in summer 2023, library services and staff will operate through the Colorado College Library during summer residencies, through the Susquehanna University Library during the winter residencies, and through the VCFA offices in Montpelier at other times of the year. Alumnx will continue to have access to the VCFA library’s online services.

What kind of facilities do Colorado College and Susquehanna University have for my program?

Colorado College offers full campus amenities and outstanding facilities, including screening rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, exhibition spaces, a library, dormitories, student life center, and athletic facilities. If you are interested in exploring the Colorado College campus, you can access a map of the campus and virtual tour below.

What opportunities will there be for interdisciplinary work or work across academic programs?

Residencies at our new campus locations will showcase the dynamic work of artists from all six of VCFA’s academic programs, with a rich mix of art and design exhibitions, film screenings, music performances, readings, lectures, and more.

These concurrent residencies will provide excellent opportunities for VCFA students to connect with other current students, faculty, alumnx, and guests across all VCFA programs.

How does VCFA plan to address community concerns regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC students, faculty, staff, and alumnx in Colorado Springs?

A significant factor in our decision to pursue an agreement with Colorado College was their long standing commitment to anti-racism and shared values concerning diversity and inclusion.

At present, VCFA leadership is in communication with leadership at Colorado College so you can hear directly from them about CC faculty, student, and staff experiences in the surrounding Colorado Springs community, and also how we can best connect students, faculty, staff, and alumnx to the appropriate resources needed to facilitate building a sense of community belonging while in Colorado Springs. We will provide further updates as we receive additional  information and resources.

Will there be any changes to staffing in my program?

No changes will be made to staffing in programs.

Will faculty from Colorado College or Susquehanna University now teach at VCFA?

No. VCFA faculty will continue to teach VCFA students.

Will my tuition change?

At this time, tuition will not be changed for the 2022–2023 academic year due to the move to Colorado College. However, VCFA does complete a budget review each fiscal year to determine tuition and other fees.

Who receives my tuition? Will I be paying Colorado College or Susquehanna University?

No. Students will be exclusively enrolled at VCFA, and all tuition dollars will continue to go directly to Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Will this change affect my student loan or institutional scholarship?

No. VCFA student loans will continue to be administered by Vermont College of Fine Arts, and any scholarship support will be awarded through the college.