Peter Christie (Morrisville, VT) has been involved in various Angel and Private investment opportunities in recent years, and has served on various company boards. Previously, Mr. Christie was in the insurance industry and was an acknowledged expert in risk protection needs of professions and professional societies.

He has been an innovator in the use of mutuals and captive insurance companies. He has extensive experience in many insurance markets around the world and is particularly familiar with the specialty and reinsurance markets in the United States, London and Bermuda. Mr. Christie was a principle advisor to ALAS Ltd, and a Senior Advisor to the Bermuda Monetary Authority. From 1999 Peter Christie provided advisory services to insureds, mutuals and captives, insurers, reinsurers and investors in the insurance and risk sector. Additionally, Mr. Christie has frequently acted as an expert witness and litigation advisor.

From 1997 to 1999, he was vice chairman of Aon Group, Inc., of Chicago. Mr. Christie was with the Minet Group from 1968 until it was acquired by Aon in 1997. He joined Minet in Montreal, spending time in New York and ultimately moving to London in 1992 to become Chairman and CEO of the group. Christie was also a member of the six-person Executive Management Group of the St Paul Companies (which acquired Minet in the early 1980s). He is a US citizen and lives in Morrisville, Vermont, and New York City with his wife, Brenda. Mr. Christie has served as Chairman of the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont, and as Chairman of MOCO, the Morrisville, Vermont, coop.