Our students come to campus once or twice a year for intense and invigorating residencies of 5-14 days. These residencies are packed with workshops, lectures, discussions, critiques, exhibitions, performances, and more. Students and faculty share meals and find many other opportunities for informal exchange and community building outside of formal academic events.

Students then continue their studies back at home, working one-on-one with a faculty advisor throughout the semester. Not to be confused with an online degree, our programs build a thriving community that enriches artists’ lives, helping them develop and sustain a professional level of artistic practice. The low-residency structure mirrors the lives of working artists in the professional world in a model that is ideally suited to developing each student’s distinctive voice.

Unlike the traditional model where you must relocate to a new city or limit your graduate options to the city where you already reside, the low-residency structure works with your life as it is. You don’t have to change your job, family responsibilities, and community involvement to earn your MFA or MA through one of VCFA’s rigorous and contemporary programs.