Faculty member Christopher Schulte co-edits new anthology

SchulteArt & Design Education faculty member Christopher Schulte has co-edited a new book titled Communities of Practice: Art, Play, and Aesthetics in Early Childhood (Springer, 2018).

From the book description: Reflecting contemporary theory and research in early art education, this volume offers a comprehensive introduction to new ways of thinking about the place of art, play, and aesthetics in the lives and education of young children. Enlivened by narratives and illustrations, 16 authors offer perspectives on the lived experience of being a child and discovering the excitement of making meaning and form in the process of art, play, and aesthetic inquiry.

Christopher, who is also an assistant professor at Penn State's Art Education department, is now editing a second anothology called Ethics and Research With Young Children: ‘New’ Perspectives (Bloomsbury, 2019).