Graduate Studies in Art & Design Education

Dina Zaccagnini Vincent / Faculty

Dina Zaccagnini Vincent

Dina Zaccagnini Vincent is a thinker, maker and teacher who seeks to design for things that matter. She is drawn to the unspoken narratives of the human condition whereby artifacts emerge as translations of embodied experiences. 

This interest originates from her deep desire to engage with and help others in this world. Dina’s academic research looks at design as being a contemplative and socially transformative practice with a focus on inquiry and experiential methods in the documentation of humanity. Believing that such a practice can positively impact our ability to empathize, communicate and design with and for others while revealing new methods and ways of knowing within teaching and learning.

Dina is currently a senior faculty member for the Graphic Design Certificate Program at Rhode Island School of Design and a recipient of their Excellence in Teaching Award. She teaches a wide variety of studio courses such as design thinking, typography, design theory, literary architecture and the study of spaces and places. Dina also teaches numerous K-12 art educators through the program who are seeking to integrate design into their new or current curricula. As former director, she designed and implemented program curriculum and mentored students and faculty. In addition, Dina presently teaches various design workshops for teens and international high school students through the Young Artist Program at Rhode Island School of Design and is an Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design at Roger Williams University where she teaches design courses that provide project-based assistance to non-profit organizations and low to moderate income communities.

Dina holds a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts; and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Art + Design Education, a Bachelor of Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design.