Graduate Studies in Art & Design Education

Cindy Jesup / Faculty

Cindy Jesup

Cindy Jesup is a doctoral candidate at Florida State University. She is currently focused on her dissertation research, working with pre-service art teachers to develop strategies for addressing digital life.

Cindy is a National Board Certified, Early Adolescence to Young Adulthood Teacher, currently teaching art at a rural Title I school in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Her research interests include pre-service art educators, digital awareness through art, caring relations and dispositional art lessons, art as a way of knowing, and social justice. Cindy has published in Visual Arts Research (2017) and was a member of the National Art Education Association’s Digital Statement Committee (2018). She embraces the opportunity to collaborate with others as a way to benefit students and teachers. These collaborations include presentations at the National Art Education Association, Art for Social Justice Symposium, International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, and the Florida Art Education Association Conference. This collaboration has also provided opportunities for publication in Reflective Practice (2017), and International Journal of Education Through the Arts (2017), as well as a book chapter in Pedagogical Globalization: Traditions, Contemporary Art, and Popular Culture of Korea.