The DEI Action Group is tasked with executing action items that arise from the larger DEI committee. This group also supports and collaborates with the Director of DEI on initiatives, planning, and assessment.

Kristin Humbargar

Assistant Director, MFA in Film

David Markow

COO/VP for Student Services

Matthew Monk

Academic Dean; Faculty, MFA in Graphic Design

Thatiana Oliveira

Program Director, MFA in Visual Art

Ryan Pontillas

Associate Director of Student Services

DEI Liaisons

The DEI liaisons work directly with the Director of DEI to steward efforts and initiatives in support of institutional strategic DEI goals. The liaisons assist in fostering and building community engagement around diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and programming, in addition to serving and providing leadership as co-chairs of the VCFA DEI Committee.

Kristin Humbargar

Assistant Director, MFA in Film


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee comprises staff, students, faculty, trustees, and alumnx and welcomes members from all programs and departments of the institution. The DEI Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring that VCFA holds true to the commitments it has made: as an institution, to actively focus resources on outreach, expansion, and development; as a community, to fully commit to fostering the artistic, intellectual, individual, and social identities, contributions, and development of every one of our members.

Having played a central role in developing VCFA’s Statement on Community Values, the DEI Committee remains focused on efforts to implement the statement in all aspects of the college’s work.

Steering Committee for Community Conversations

The Steering Committee for Community Conversations organizes and executes learning experiences designed to nurture a sense of community among all VCFA staff and provide continued growth and development. The committee facilitates cross-departmental dialogue through a range of topics focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing accessible learning opportunities to create inclusive and equitable working and learning environments.

Katie Gustafson

CFO/VP for Finance & Administration

Sarah Madru

Institutional Advancement Manager

Tia McCarthy

Associate Library Director

Ryan Pontillas

Associate Director of Student Services

Aidan Sammis

Assistant Director, MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults


DEI Coalition, MFA in WCYA

The WCYA DEI Coalition is a student-led volunteer initiative advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Writing for Children & Young Adults MFA program and VCFA at large. The DEI Coalition welcomes students, alumnx, and faculty who are invested in meaningful DEI initiatives on behalf of students, prospective students, and more. 

What the DEI Coalition does: 

  • Advocates for more scholarship opportunities for students from marginalized backgrounds 
  • Increases accessibility during virtual and on-campus residencies through audio transcriptions, communication opportunities for marginalized groups, and more 
  • Facilitates discussions around DEI topics as readers and writers of stories for children 
  • Surveys students to see how the college can better serve marginalized groups on campus and prospective students from marginalized backgrounds
  • Increases transparency within the program and school