Vermont College of Fine Arts recognizes the impact of race and systemic racism on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and their experiences in the arts industry. Industry and Mea BIPOC empowerment series, centers BIPOC artists within our programs and provides an environment for BIPOC students and alumnx to learn from each other’s experiences, build industry relationships, and foster a greater sense of community.

Series speakers represent a wide range of BIPOC artists who are visiting guests and alumnx of our programs. Speakers share their experiences, tips, and tools for navigating the arts industry as BIPOC artists. Topics reflect the interests of our BIPOC students and alumnx and may include the following:

  • How internalized and structural racial bias impacts career and personal development for BIPOC artists.
  • The adverse impact of racial bias on the empowerment and success of BIPOC professionals.
  • Practical strategies for how to interrupt imposter syndrome, empower yourself and those around you, and thrive both professionally and personally as a BIPOC artist.
  • How to integrate your cultural identities into how you live, work and lead.
  • An exploration of the selves and strategies for understanding your voice, where you’re conforming, and where you’re challenging.
  • Practical strategies for overcoming the barriers to authenticity in order to thrive professionally.
  • How to advance your professional career as a BIPOC artist and advocate for yourself in the workplace.
  • Resources, tools, and organizations available to support BIPOC artists.

Industry and Me is a collaboration between the Office of DEI, the Office of Institutional Advancement, the Center for Arts + Social Justice, and VCFA’s academic programs.

How to Participate

Opt In for More Information

Students and alumnx interested in receiving information about upcoming events in the series can opt in to our Industry and Me email list. Please email [email protected] to request the opt-in form.

Become a Speaker

If you are interested in sharing your experience, insights, and knowledge as a BIPOC artist navigating and working in the arts industry, please reach out to [email protected] to connect with program staff.

(Featured work by Antwon Key, GD ’17)