The DEI Development Series, developed by the Steering Committee for Community Conversations, offers programming to cultivate a culture of continuous learning in diversity, equity, and inclusion among our staff, specifically in the areas of anti-racism, anti-bias, and anti-oppression. Through a series of learning events and workshops, staff engage with tools and resources to establish a common language and understanding for how we can build an inclusive learning and working environment.

The 2021–22 curriculum focuses on three key areas: Courageous Conversation about RaceWhite Supremacy Culture, and Anti-Racism.

Program Objectives

  • Deepen the individual and collective understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion regardless of previous exposure to DEI learning and development;
  • Cultivate a culture of community learning and open dialogue across departments;
  • Provide participants with tools, skills, and knowledge to effect change throughout VCFA in accordance with the Statement on Community Values;
  • Develop a shared sense of responsibility for creating a culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging at VCFA and beyond.

Our Learning Model

The Community Conversations learning model is a three-pronged approach. Each module focuses on a single overarching topic that is explored throughout three sessions.

Session 1: Learn

Learn invites subject matter experts to present, teach, or train VCFA staff on a particular topic area with specific learning objectives and outcomes. Participants may receive additional work or learning resources to prepare for the Reflect session.

Session 2: Reflect

Reflect brings VCFA staff together to share their learning experiences and hold an open dialogue around opportunities, challenges, fears, and things they found hard to understand or digest.

Session 3: Apply

Apply creates a space for participants to gather with their teams or small groups to strategize how to use these new tools, skills, and knowledge to operationalize the Statement on Community Values within participants’ specific departments or communities. The Statement on Community Values is the foundation of this session, and it provides a lens through which participants will examine their department’s or community’s structure, policies, procedures, and philosophies.

(Featured work by Jodi Adkins, GD ’17)