Dr. Letitia Chambers

Dr. Letitia Chambers (Santa Fe, NM) is CEO of Foothills Associates LLC, a consulting business located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She previously served as President and CEO of the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Chambers founded and was President and CEO for 20 years of Chambers Associates, a public policy consulting firm in Washington, DC, which she sold to Navigant Consulting, Inc., where she became a Managing Director. Dr. Chambers also served in government at the federal level, where she was Staff Director of the US Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, was appointed by President Clinton to be US Representative to the United Nations General Assembly, and led the Clinton/Gore 1992 budget transition team. Dr. Chambers has worked extensively in the field of education, both in the pre-collegiate arena and at the college and university level, including leading the higher education system in the state of New Mexico. She is widely known for her extensive contributions to the formulation of public policy, and she has testified on numerous occasions as an expert witness, both before Congress and in the nation’s courts.