VCFA's Trustees provide leadership and guidance as the College pursues its mission of fostering the excellence of emerging and established artists and advancing the arts to create a more humane world.

MT Anderson

Cambridge, Massachussetts

Rafael Attias

North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Robert H. Atwell

Sarasota, Florida Trustee Emeritus

Tami Lewis Brown

Washington, DC

Eliza Browning

New York, New York

Charles Bunting

Shelburne, Vermont

Catherine Carvelli

Burlington, VT

Dr. Letitia Chambers

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kathleen Dolan

Barnard, Vermont Trustee Emerita

Debbie Dunn

Austin, Texas

Michael Goldstein

Washington, DC

Chris Graff

Montpelier, Vermont

Thomas Greene

Montpelier, Vermont College President

Harry Groome

Villanova, Pennsylvania Trustee Emeritus

Joan Grubin

New York, New York

Con Hogan

Plainfield, Vermont

Michael Hogan

Beach Haven, NJ

Madeleine Kunin

Burlington, Vermont Honorary Trustee

Sydney Lea

Newbury, Vermont Trustee Emeritus

Casper Martin

Andover, MA

Susan Newbold

Fairfield, Connecticut Trustee Emerita

Katherine Paterson

Montpelier, Vermont

Michael Rosenfeld

Washington, DC

Richard H. Saudek

Montpelier, Vermont

Bill Schubart

Hinesburg, Vermont Board Chair

Dr. Peter Smith

Lighthouse Pt., Florida

Susan Spaulding

Montpelier, Vermont

Peter Watson

Pembroke, Bermuda

Jeff Wiggins

Sonoma, California

Elaine Witten

Shaftsbury, Vermont Trustee Emerita

"I joined a community of writers who believe, as I do, that writing for young people is a way to change the world."

-Sundee Frazier, '04 WCYA


"The innovative teaching style of this remarkable design faculty creates an environment of trust, encouragement, and brave exploration. The designer who comes through this program has the tools to approach any project, cause, or endeavor with sustainable confidence and creativity."

-Mary Hanrahan, '13 GD