Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Melissa Hammerle Program Director, Writing 802-828-8840
Erica Metzger Hare Chief Financial Officer/VP for Administration 802-828-8545
Alastair Hayes Executive Director of Marketing & Communications 802-828-8599
Kali Hilke Marketing & Communications Manager 802-828-8734
Sarah Hooker Bookstore Manager 802-828-8721
Jeffrey Kellar Controller 802-828-8737
Edna King Bursar 802-828-8808
Jacqueline Labate Bookstore Clerk 802-828-8721
Kerry Macdonald Westhelle HR & Payroll Assistant 802-828-8814
Sarah Madru Assistant Director, Music Compostion 802-828-8534
David Markow Vice President for Student Services 802-828-8535
June Marshall Financial Analyst 802-828-8895
Jody Maunsell Registrar 802-828-8724
Tia McCarthy Library Assistant
Chiyomi McKibbin Campus Services Coordinator 802-828-8580
Matthew Monk Academic Dean 802-828-8556
Gary Moore Dean Emeritus 802-829-0706
Jim Nolte Library Director 802-828-8512
Thatiana Oliveira Assistant Director, Visual Art 802-828-8636
Angela Paladino Assistant to the President 802-828-8613