Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Alissa Auerbach Director of Development [email protected] 802-828-8555
Rita Banerjee Director, MFA in Writing & Publishing [email protected] 802-828-8779
Betsy Barnett HR & Accounts Payable Manager [email protected] 802-828-8731
Katie Bayerl Director, Young Writers Network [email protected] 617-872-6845
Anthony Bean Assistant Director of Facilities [email protected] 802-828-8732
Carol Beatty Program Director, Music Composition and Film [email protected] 802-828-8610
Lucy Bourgeault Director of Admissions and Financial Aid [email protected] 802-828-8819
Ann Cardinal Director of Student Recruitment [email protected] 802-828-8589
Matthew Coyne Executive Director of Facilities & Ops [email protected] 802-828-8560
Louise Crowley Assistant Dean [email protected] 802-828-8821
Karen Cygnarowicz Program Assistant, WCYA [email protected]
Danielle Dahline Program Director, Visual Art and Graphic Design [email protected] 802-828-8703
Jess Dewes Coordinator of Café Anna [email protected] 802-828-8827
Mike Dewes Director of Catering & Café Anna [email protected] 802-828-8827
Evan Fallenberg Faculty Co-Director, International MFA in Creative Writing & Literary Translation [email protected] 802-828-8796
Melissa Fisher Program Director, Writing [email protected] 802-828-8840
Lizzy Fox Associate Director, Writing & Publishing [email protected] 802-828-8828
Thomas Christopher Greene President [email protected]
Alyssa Grieco Librarian [email protected] 802-828-8512
Steve Grunewald Circulation Assistant [email protected] 802-828-8512