7 Reasons to Get Your MFA in Film at VCFA

Are you looking to grow your skills, refine your voice, and help revolutionize the ways motion pictures are created and experienced? Now is the time to earn your Master of Fine Arts.

Film has never been more important in being a voice in the artistic world. The MFA in Film program at Vermont College of Fine Arts offers you a chance to work with award-winning faculty, interact with students from across the globe, and become an artist ready to be an important voice in filmmaking.

VCFA’s low-residency model offers you an opportunity to experience technical, conceptual, professional, and artistic growth. Our one-week residencies, twice a year, offer chances for you to work with students, faculty, and visiting filmmakers, who specialize in directing, producing, editing, screenwriting, animation, and documentary film. The rest of the semester, you work from your community on self-designed and individualized projects.

Learn more about why VCFA’s low-residency MFA in Film program is right for you in this “7 Reasons to Get Your MFA in Film at Vermont College of Fine Arts.”

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