VCFA announces upcoming "Protest Art and the Art of Protest: An Assembly"

Vermont College of Fine Arts has announced a new, short-form program dedicated to transformative inquiry into creative practice at the service of social justice and in the face of global crisis. 


Entitled “Protest Art and the Art of Protest: An Assembly,” this gathering at VCFA’s Montpelier, Vt. campus will be a multi-disciplinary exploration of the form, content, purpose, and history of protest art. “Protest Art and the Art of Protest: An Assembly” is scheduled for August 18-21, 2017.

VCFA invites all interested artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, and writers to this three-day assembly in a shared determination to connect artistic practice to political protest, with full awareness that the mindful process of artistic innovation is inherently political. 

“Creative innovation may be inherently radical, but it takes dialogue and inquiry to successfully navigate the intersection of personal expression, public policy, and political reform. ‘Protest Art and The Art of Protest: An Assembly’ was founded to be generative, transformative, and productive for artists who seek to work in the service of social justice and democracy at a critical time for our culture,” said Stephen Pite, VCFA co-director of the Assembly. 

VCFA faculty members representing many of the College’s eight graduate programs will direct the Assembly. Faculty representatives include Abby Frucht, Nikki Juen, Lauren Markham, Silas Munro, and Stephen Pite. A number of guest artists will also be on-hand, including Kevin Lo, Nate Marshall, Maple Razsa, and Emily Rose Schofield.

Registration for “Protest Art and the Art of Protest: An Assembly” is currently open. For more information on the Assembly, tuition, and accommodations, visit or contact Stephen Pite at