Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome! At VCFA, we are committed to working in partnership with all members of our college and the external community to build and sustain a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee at VCFA

Statement of Purpose

Vermont College of Fine Arts recognizes, honors, and supports diversity and equity in every context. As an institution we are actively focusing our resources on outreach, expansion, and inclusion, and as a community we are fully committed to fostering the artistic, intellectual, individual, and social identities, contributions, and development of every one of our members.

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VCFA Diversity Committee


We invite your suggestions and contributions to enhance the ongoing dialogue at VCFA. To get involved or send us an idea, contact diversity@vcfa.edu.

To report an incident, contact:

David Markow, Vice President of Student Services

2017-2018 Committee Co-Chairs

Committee Members

  • Will Alexander - Faculty, WCYA 
  • Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton - Faculty, Graphic Design 
  • Rick Baitz - Faculty, Music Composition 
  • Ann Cardinal - Director of Student Recruitment 
  • Tristen Click - Graphic Design student 
  • Hal Colston - VCFA Trustee 
  • Aldrena Corder - Graphic Design alumna 
  • Trinie Dalton - Faculty, Writing 
  • Jimmy Henderson - Graphic Design student 
  • Samuel Kolawole - Writing & Publishing student 
  • Yoly Mancilla - WCYA student 
  • David Markow - VP for Student Services 
  • Lauren McCall - Music Composition student 
  • Cori McCarthy - WCYA alumna
  • Thatiana Oliveira - Assistant Director, Visual Art
  • Liz Patton - Faculty, Art & Design Education 
  • Tamara Perkins - Film student
  • Jennifer Pun - Writing student
  • Jennifer Renko - Director, Graphic Design
  • Jennifer Skinder - Director, Graduate Studies in Art & Design 
  • Valentyn Smith - Writing & Publishing student 
  • Jessica Stratton - Visual Art student 
  • Kristelle M. Ulrich - MAT student 

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